5 Ways to Limit Health Care Costs

Health care costs are rising, and with people living longer on average, the bills may be growing. Here are 5 ways to help you navigate the health care cost maze and potentially save:   1) Coordinate plans: Two-income couples should coordinate their insurance benefits. It might make sense to opt out of one plan and [...]

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No Time Limits

To begin the second half of the year, stocks have bounced back from correction lows about 2% in the both the US and abroad. At the end of June, we saw that the Long Term Momentum moved to Negative. However, we do not anticipate that this movement will lead to a bear market because this [...]

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What The World Cup Can Teach You About Investing

Every four years, almost half the planet becomes entranced by international soccer as the World Cup brings together some of the greatest talent in the world. Whether or not you are a soccer fan, you can glean some lessons from the structure of the tournament, the styles of play, and the paths to the goal [...]

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Into the Second Half

With the first half of the year ending, we are seeing a period of adjustment that could set up a better second half. There could be more volatile trading ahead, as we have seen the VIX fear index rise towards the end of June. It has pulled back, but the geopolitical and socioeconomic landscape has [...]

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Tips on Credit Cards

The decision to use credit cards is one that should be undertaken wisely. There can be certain advantages (such as gaining a short-term financing window, not having to carry large amounts of cash around, and fraud protection services) and clear disadvantages (such as high interest rates, credit score changes, and excuses to spend more). Regardless [...]

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A Larger Separation

It may have felt more extreme this week, but stocks were down worldwide around 1% and in the US a bit less than 1%. The declines from earlier in 2018 have continued to hold globally, so we are not seeing improvement in the global Universe Trend Indicator. However, we are seeing an improvement for the [...]

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No Rebounds

We are still not seeing much evidence that the markets have pushed into a recovery. This week, stocks are down marginally in both the US and abroad. We have seen some improvement from the lows achieved earlier in the year, but the foreign markets are still struggling. The Universe Trend Indicator is Negative, reflecting the [...]

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12 Compelling Reasons to Build an Emergency Fund

Have you still not started an emergency fund? One of the following situations may apply to you in the future, and several may appear at once. Getting ready now can help you deal with unexpected situations, such as: Your identity is stolen, locking you out of your credit cards and/or bank account for a while [...]

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The Wait

Stocks put together a good week, with a rise in both US and global stock indices. While more recently, we have seen better breadth of participation in the market, over the longer term, we still have not seen the full move to the upside that we would like. Thus, the Universe Trend Indicator is still [...]

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