Ronald A. Rago

Ron has been involved in the financial services industry for the past decade and is one of our Lead Advisors. Ron’s experience includes a number of senior management positions with CNA Financial during the earlier part of his career. During the last ten years, Ron has found great satisfaction as a financial advisor helping families [...]

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Joseph F. LoPresti

Joe is the President and Senior Portfolio Manager of Arlington Capital Management (ACM), a Registered Investment Advisory firm he founded in 2000 with corporate headquarters in the Chicago Metro area. A 29-year veteran of the financial services industry, he possesses a strong background in investment research and portfolio construction, as well as a demonstrated dedication [...]

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John T. Hollahan

John is a Senior Portfolio Manager, responsible for investment research, portfolio management and client service. He joined the firm in 2011, when he began his second career after leaving a large public utility where he served in a variety of senior Information Technology roles. John also is an instructor with the Investor Education Institute, leveraging [...]

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Ion Botnari

Ion serves as our Head of Technology Services. A highly skilled professional, he brings his strengths in the areas of analysis, planning and program development to Arlington Capital Management through all he does for the firm. Possessing in-depth experience in desktop and web-based software applications, as well as complex programming and internet technologies, he continually [...]

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Amanda Konder

Amanda Konder recently joined ACM as Executive Assistant to our senior management team. Possessing over 18 years of financial industry experience with firms including Merrill Lynch Wealth Management and a private commodities trading firm, she is primarily responsible for ensuring that our Private Client Group receives the best in service. Amanda is a true professional [...]

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Martin J. Rheaume

Marty’s pursuit of a proactive investing approach and unbiased financial advice landed him at Arlington Capital Management in 2014. As a Lead Advisor, Marty takes great satisfaction in listening to clients to understand their financial goals, working towards them with a clear framework, and delivering these services to a Fiduciary Standard. He has a passion [...]

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Justin J. Kumar

Justin is a Senior Portfolio Manager, who joined the firm in 2015. A passionate student of Economics in its many forms, he brings with him more than 15 years of discretionary portfolio management, trading, finance, and business industry experience. Justin has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and is a regular contributor to Kiplinger, [...]

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