Joseph F. LoPresti

Joe is the President and Senior Portfolio Manager of Arlington Capital Management (ACM), a Registered Investment Advisory firm he founded in 2000 with corporate headquarters in the Chicago Metro area. A 29-year veteran of the financial services industry, he possesses a strong background in investment research and portfolio construction, as well as a demonstrated dedication [...]

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John T. Hollahan

John is a Senior Portfolio Manager, responsible for investment research, portfolio management and client service. He joined the firm in 2011, when he began his second career after leaving a large public utility where he served in a variety of senior Information Technology roles. John also is an instructor with the Investor Education Institute, leveraging [...]

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Ion Botnari

Ion serves as our Head of Technology Services. A highly skilled professional, he brings his strengths in the areas of analysis, planning and program development to Arlington Capital Management through all he does for the firm. Possessing in-depth experience in desktop and web-based software applications, as well as complex programming and internet technologies, he continually [...]

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